About Us

Welcome to Love You This Much.

We are dedicated to providing an online store that offers an extensive range of stylish and unique toys with an educational approach. Our range also includes quality accessories and necessities for babies and children. 

We wanted our online store to be unlike any other and to provide our customers with information they may otherwise be unaware of. Toys are extremely useful in a child's development if you know how to use them and how to achieve the most from them. We use 5 icons alongside our toys; sound, hand-eye coordination, movement, creative play and problem solving, to show our customers how a particular toy can target and help promote an area or areas of a child's development. 

How it all started …

We are sisters, one a teacher, the other a nurse, both mothers of young children who are passionate about quality products for our children and who have teamed up together to share our passion with you through our online store - Love You This Much.

We went in search of quality products that our children loved and that we felt were good value. Both of us had a love of wooden and environmentally friendly toys and so our research began. We have now found and sourced the most beautiful items for babies and children, both locally and from all around the world and we are delighted to bring them to you and to help you make informed decisions. 

We are so proud to launch our amazing online store to make your shopping experience fun, informative and easy – whether you are shopping for your own children, grandchildren or other family members, or are looking for the perfect gift. We are very thankful to our families for the wonderful support they have provided us.

We hope you enjoy our store and Happy Shopping <3

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